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Commitment to Quality

When Meaningful Milestones was born, we had a clear vision of our mission and our values. Visions and ideas are powerful but finding the path to achieving them, living them, and instilling them throughout the organization is a challenge from both an execution and technical standpoint, especially for a new agency. We are blessed to have others that have walked the path before us and are willing to share a way forward.

To walk an ethical, sustainable path we needed accountability and clear boundaries as well as policies and systems that put others first. Enter the Behavior Health Center of Excellence. We were hunting each other on the same day! The initial meeting was amazing, and our values aligned perfectly.

The BHCOE has reviewed our plan, partners and systems and find they meet the quality standards of excellence in the following areas and more.

  • Intake and Hiring
  • Operations and Compliance
  • Staff qualifications, Training and Oversight
  • Collaboration
  • Ethics and Consumer Protections
  • HIPPA Compliance
  • Caregiver Satisfaction
  • Employee Satisfaction

Meaningful Milestones has committed to opening up the organization and sharing the policies and processes we develop to the BHCOE in order to better hold us accountable to our clients and staff.

Your feedback as partners, testers and founder as family “firsts” has been and will continue to be so very vital to this honor.

Like the BACB Code of Ethics informs our clinical decision making, the BHCOE Code of Ethical Conduct will be woven into every policy, procedure, and decision we as an organization make. Our preliminary accreditation informs our management commitments and our day to day operations. Being a Behavioral Health Center of Excellence is not a status or opportunity maker for us. It is a promise to continually improve, innovate, work harder and #dobetter.

To learn more about the BHCOE visit and stay tuned to and follow us on social media to watch our commitment in action.

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