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30 Easy Activities & Strategies for a Quick Sensory Break

We all get a little overwhelmed at times. A quick sensory break can help a child or adult calm down, focus, and self-regulate. Designed to provide active or calming sensory input, these simple strategies are great for scheduling throughout the day and to implement when one needs a “reset”.

  1. Yoga
  2. Water Break
  3. Jump: Trampoline, Jumping Jacks, Hoppy Ball
  4. Wall Push Ups, Chair Push Ups
  5. Squeeze a Ball
  6. Breathing Techniques
  7. Press Hands on Head, Press Hands on Lap, Press Fingers Together
  8. Dance Break
  9. Swing
  10. Rock in a Rocking Chair
  11. Go For a Walk, Bear Walks, Crab Walks, Gorilla Walks
  12. Play Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes
  13. Body Sock
  14. Quiet Retreat in a Tent or Small, Cozy Space
  15. Weighted Blanket, Weighted Lap Pad, Weighted Vest
  16. Joint Compressions, Bear Hugs
  17. Vibration Toys
  18. Dough, Putty
  19. Fidget Toys
  20. Blow Bubbles
  21. Diffuser, Smell Lavender
  22. Listen to Music or an Audio book with Headphones
  23. Rain Maker, “Calm Down Bottle”
  24. Crunchy Snack, Crunch on Soft Ice
  25. Chew Gum, Chew Toy
  26. Play with Sand, Rice, or Water Table
  27. Brush Protocol
  28. Theraband
  29. Roll Ball on Back
  30. Swing

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