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Let’s Go! The Benefits of Playing Outside with the Kids

There are many benefits to playing outdoors with your children. Not only does it allow them to get some exercise, but it also helps them to learn new things and explore their world. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the benefits of playing outside, as well as provide a few tips on how to make the most of outdoor playtime!

Computers and other electronics have become a staple in the lives of most people. Technology is a huge part of our children’s lives. Most technology involves staying still and indoors which isn’t great for our children’s physical or mental health.

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It is important to get them away from the screens and into nature. If you have ever tried to get your kids to put their devices away, you know how difficult that can be!

You have most likely set limits on how long your child can play on their electronics. Once the electronics are turned off, one of the best ways to get them excited about being outside is to play outside as a family!

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There are many benefits to having outdoor family fun:

Lead by example to foster a healthy lifestyle.

If kids see their parents putting away their own electronics and spending time doing something different outside, they are more likely to want to join in. It also helps them learn outdoor activities are an important part of life and should be made a priority. Playing together outside from an early age builds a naturally active lifestyle that will last them for years to come.

Spend quality time together.

Spending time together as a family is crucial for a strong bond. What better way to spend quality time than outside in the fresh air? You will be able to talk and have fun without all of the distractions that come with being inside. You can see what they enjoy seeing, talking about, doing. You can teach them your favorite activities and adventures from your childhood.

Build gross motor skills.  

Outdoor activities require children to use their gross motor skills. These are the large muscle groups in the body that are used for movement, such as walking, running, and jumping. When children use their gross motor skills regularly, they improve their balance and coordination.

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Improve coordination.

Participating in outdoor activities also helps improve children’s coordination. This is because they have to use different muscles and body parts together to complete tasks. For example, when climbing a tree, a child has to use their arms and legs together to hold on and climb up.

Improve cognitive function.

There is evidence that suggests being outdoors can help improve cognitive function.  According to The Huffington Post, “studies have shown that spending time outdoors can increase creativity and problem-solving skills, improve focus and attention span, and help children learn more effectively.”

Educate through exploration.

One of the best things about playing outside is that it allows children to explore their world. They can learn about nature, animals , and their surroundings. This type of learning is important, as it helps children develop a sense of curiosity that will last them a lifetime.

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Grow their passions.

Exercising and playing outdoors with your kids can introduce them to many activities. This can help them find something they enjoy and are passionate about.

Help them learn to relax.

Outdoor activities can also help children learn how to relax. After a long day at school, it’s nice for kids to be able to go outside and run around, play games, and have fun. This can help them wind down and prepare for bedtime.

Make memories and traditions.

One of the best things about playing outside is that it can create memories and traditions. These are things that your family will look back on fondly for years to come. What better way to make memories than by spending time together outdoors?

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Physical activity is vital for growing bodies.

Make the time to fit outdoor activities  into your daily routine, even for just 30 minutes.  You and your family will be glad you did!

There are so many benefits to playing outside as a family, it’s hard to list them all. But hopefully, this gives you an idea of some of the reasons why it’s important. Get out there and have fun!

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