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Community Member Supervised Independent Fieldwork

What is a community student analyst? This is someone that is not an employee of Meaningful Milestones, but is interested in receiving their supervised fieldwork with us. Upon receiving your application, our team will conduct a meet and greet with you either in person or remotely to make sure that we are a good fit and are able to provide what you are looking for. 

What does it cost?
This program is a monthly subscription.   


$500 /month

Up to 130 hours of restricted/unrestricted hours

  • 3 hours of documentation review and development of 1:1 meeting content
  • 5 hours of individual meetings
  • 3 hours of group meetings


$400 /month

Up to 90 hours of restricted/unrestricted hours

  • 2 hours of documentation review and development of 1:1 meeting content
  • 4 hours of individual meetings
  • 3 hours of group meetings


$300 /month

Up to 45 hours of restricted/unrestricted hours

  • 1 hour of documentation review and development of 1:1 meeting content
  • 3 hours of individual meetings
  • 3 hours of group meetings

Once you are accepted into our supervised independent fieldwork program, you will take a mock exam so that we are able to gather baseline data on the Task List domains.  Based on the results we will create an individualized plan for you to maintain your strengths and increases skills and knowledge where needed.  This plan will be reviewed with both you and the BCBAs providing the supervision so that we will be able to track progress.   

We provide opportunities to engage in unrestricted hours in a variety of ways and often based on your areas of interested.  However, we do provide various rotations throughout the year that provide opportunities to learn across environments. Some examples of what past Student Analysts have done include: shadowing in a school setting, assisting with assessments, assisting with functional analysis, developing behavior intervention plans, collaborating with other therapy providers, creating and providing training to our staff, completing OBM projects, targeting organizational wellness, or developing cross functional process maps and behaviorally anchored rating scales.   

You will be able to keep track of your restricted and unrestricted hours using Pinnacle, which is a performance evaluation system designed to help deliver better patient outcomes.  It allows us to nurture Student Analyst development and accelerate performance through pinpointed goals and data-base feedback. To learn more about Pinnacle, click here.   

We are excited to be a part of your professional journey.   

As part of our program you will have access to:   

  • Orientation  
  • Opportunities to obtain restricted and unrestricted experiences  
  • Face-to-face and group supervision   
  • Monthly training specifically for Mentees   
  • An individualized mentorship plan   
  • Various resources   

Mentors at Meaningful Milestones have a variety of interest and expertise while modeling ethical, high-quality behavior- analytic services resulting in meaningful behavior change.   

Meaningful Milestones is an approved practicum site for Florida Institute of Technology (F.I.T.), Ball State, and University of Dayton. We also partner with Perdue Global and University of South Carolina. We are proud to have a 2-year accreditation by the Behavioral Health Center of Excellence. This provides us the opportunity to give access to trainings on a variety of topics to mentees. We are also Affiliated with Chief Motivating Operations. Employees of Meaningful Milestones receive this as an employment benefit, but we do keep a few openings for community student analyst.

For more information on applying to the mentorship program, please email us at [email protected]

ACE Provider

Meaningful Milestones is an ACE provider under the BACB, which means we can provide continuing education credits for your staff. Please email us at [email protected] so we can design a training to fit your needs.

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