ABA Therapy

Comprehensive ABA

Comprehensive  ABA  refers  to  treatment  of  the  multiple  affected developmental domains, such as cognitive, communicative, social, emotional, and adaptive functioning. Maladaptive behaviors, such as noncompliance, tantrums, and stereotypy are also typically the focus of treatment. Although there are different types of comprehensive treatment, one example is early intensive behavioral intervention where the overarching goal is to close the gap between the client’s level of functioning and that of typically developing peers. These programs tend to range from 30-40 hours of 1:1 treatment per week (plus direct and indirect supervision and caregiver training).

Focused ABA

Focused ABA refers to treatment provided directly to the client for a limited number of behavioral targets. It is not restricted by age, cognitive level, or co-occurring conditions. Typically between 10-25 hours per week.  For severe destructive behavior may require more than 25 hours per week. Focused  ABA  plans  are  appropriate  for  individuals  who  (a)  need  treatment only for a limited number of key functional skills or (b) have such acute problem behavior that its treatment should be the priority.

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  • Aetna
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  • BCBS
  • Cigna
  • Optum (UHC, UMC)
  • Tricare East