ENRICH Team, Beth and Jessalyn, on yellow background

ENRICH Updates for July

Aloha! ENRICH Team Members, Beth and Jessalynn, share July’s updates on what groovy things are happening around the clinic this month!


- Hey, everyone. It's Beth and Jessalynn. We're back with the monthly update, so you can hear all that's going on around MM.

- First, we wanna start off with a little celebration. Congrats to Josh Ohiser.

- [Beth] Yeah.

- [Jessalynn] He passed his certification boards. So he's now a board certified assistant behavior analyst. So congratulations.

- That's right.

- Awesome.

- That's so awesome. We are so excited for Josh. And with all of these people we have passing the exams, we have people moving into the role of clinical supervisor, which means we get to take new clients.

- [Jessalynn] Yes.

- [Beth] So if you know anybody looking for ABA services in the Lexington/Columbia area, just have, 'em reach out to our intake team, and we'd be glad to get 'em all the information that they need.

- For sure. Next week is our summer spirit week. The themes are hat and sunglasses day, tie dye day, pirate day, crazy pattern day, and a aloha beach day. So keep an eye out in your teams for all the updates for that.

- Yes. And I'm very excited about aloha beach day, of course.

- Yes.

- I have my outfit all picked out already.

- Yeah.

- We will be doing lots of fun things at the clinic that day. We even have some surprises for our staff and clients. So make sure to find that tropical wardrobe, and plan to participate in aloha beach day.

- Our Monsters & Mazes Social Skills Group has started, and our team has been working hard to create a fun experience. If you're interested in new groups forming, just give our team a reach out and we will be happy to direct you to who you need to go to.

- Yeah. Craig and Mona are having lots of fun. That's for sure.

- Yeah, they are.

- I mean, I think Craig has fun with anything though, right?

- Craig makes anything fun.

- That's right. That's right. That's all we have for you this month. Thanks so much for watching, and we'll see you back here next month with more about all the things going on around MM.
ENRICH Team, Beth and Jessalyn, on yellow background

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